Annual General Meeting 2017

OZeWAI Annual General Meeting

To be held at the OZeWAI 2017 conference at 10a.m. on the 21st November at the Australian National Botannic Gardens.

Attendees: All invited

The following items are on the agenda. The person responsible for presenting or chairing the item is in brackets.


  1. Apologies (Secretary)
  2. Attendance (Secretary)
  3. Confirmation of minutes from 2016 AGM (Secretary)
  4. Annual report (Chair)
  5. Annual financial statement (Treasurer)
  6. Election of 2018 committee members (Secretary):
    • Chair
    • Treasurer
    • Secretary
    • Conference Convener 2018
    • Web site manager
    • Committee members
    • Discussion of OzeWAI 2017 (Secretary)
  7. Planning for OzeWAI 2018 (Conference Convener)
  8. Any other business (Secretary)

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