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Accessibility of educational course management systems

Liddy Nevile, Sunrise Research

The (perceived?) Problem

The Standards

Mostly we look to web content accessibility standards but

we are concerned with (intervening) tools to handle content that may transform content so

we need to look at both wcag and authoring tools standards (see the W3C ATAG) but

In general,

We don’t have strong, well-understood, let-alone appropriated theories; principles; access to ways to decide...

The Players - for any educational context

The administration staff - policies (eg user agents)

The technical support staff - system admins, cgi scripts

The subject leader - general conditions (look and feel)

The teachers (best practice??)

The students (access awareness)

The Educational Institution

The hardware / operating system

The hardware/operating system can be more or less accommodating of access supporting devices and applications

The balance between hardware/OS specificity and accessibility

The Browser

The choice of browser is more than a choice of access device:

Recommend a range of access devices, esp. those that are standards compliant

The courseware suppliers

* Note the standards with which the software is compliant!!!

The Educator

What objects will be included in the course?

Reference materials

Multi-media materials

Interactive materials

Collaboration tools

‘Learning objects’

* Note the qualities of the authoring tools and if necessary recommend appropriate tools to use with the courseware

The Student

Solution providers approach

Standards developers

Courseware providers

And content developers …

Melbourne University approach ...

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