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What’s happening in education?

Liddy Nevile, Sunrise Research

Local to Global …..

Dept Information Systems

Science Faculty/Arts Faculty at UniMelb

EdNA - web content accessibility links

SOCCI - web accessibility standards

Victorian Education Channel

IMS Australia

IMS Global Project

Dept Information Systems

Accessible Multimedia

Science Faculty/Arts Faculty at University of Melbourne

Use of WebCT

Use of Netscape

Use of templates

Techniques - maths, science, music,...

A flow-chart to the issue of concern

Self-paced learning modules …

A collaborative-development site

EdNA -

web content accessibility links

Metadata links to good sites

An accessibility forum?

Retro-fitting accessibility to legacy sites

What should be done first?


web accessibility standards

The problem of learning objects

Discovery / adaptation / transformation to needs

Policies for compliance - reasonably responsible?

All happening in schools

Victorian Education Channel

Large scale development

what should be specified when to be done by whom?

Metadata - how can it help in this context?

Sharing of information about accessible sites

IMS Australia

Standards in education across many dimensions including accessibility

Interoperability of standards

eg metadata about accessibility and/vs

metadata for content transformation

IMS Global Project

Compilation of all that’s out there

Tailored for education

Commercial consortium

Research activities


NCAM - forest CD

Dublin Core Metadata Initiative

Core elements

Domain specific elements


Mix-n-match (IMS & DC)

Links: OZeWAI 2001 home page | presentations